Dear Fellow Sillimanians and Friends,

Proceeds of this journal will benefit the various projects that SUACONA supports at Silliman University including Capital Projects, General Scholarship Fund and other local projects.  The full page ad 8  1/2 X 11) costs $300 and $175 for the the 1/2 page ad. Please be mindful that there are fees involved when paying through this website. The full page ad then with the fees is $316.58  and 1/2 page ad is $185. 

If you want to send a payment without the processing fees, please make the check payable to SUACONA and send the payments to: Hannah Cliatt, SUACONA Treasurer, 3023 Redrock Pass, San Antonio, TX 78259. For additional inquiry on Ad placements, please contact your Chapter President or the following Souvenir Program committee members:
Betsy Engle, Co-Chair (, Joel Pal, Co-Chair ( and Evangeline Manjares, Editor (

Thank you everyone for your continued support.