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Tipon Silliman 2022 Logo

Tipon Silliman 2022

Tipon Silliman 2022
July 7-10, 2022
Hyatt Regency Boston Harbor,
                         Boston, Massachusetts
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Tipon 2013 (Dumaguete)

August, 2013

Tipon Silliman 2009

July 9-12, 2009
Royal Plaza Hotel
Lake Buena Vista, Florida
SUACONA Proclamation honoring Dr. Agustin Pulido presented by Chair Joel Pal and Past Chairs Renato Querubin and Sylvest

Tipon Silliman 2007

Tipon Silliman 2007
Toronto, Ontario, Canada (June 27-July 1)


Tipon Silliman 2007 (Picnic)

Pictures courtesy of Daisy Magdamo Auer and Arlo Lacuesta
They came from all over .....

Tipon Silliman 2005

Tipon Silliman 2005
Anaheim, California in May

SU dignitaries in attendance Seated: Mrs. Pulido, Dr. Pulido, Julio Sy, the late Dr. Calderon. Standing: Dr. Romy Morile

Tipon Silliman 2003

Tipon Silliman 2003
Teaneck, New Jersey in July

The Chicago skyline, site of the first Tipon Silliman gathering, May, 2001

Tipon Silliman 2001

Tipon Silliman 2001
Chicago in May

The first stop for everyone is the Alumni Building,  home of the Office of Alumni and External Affairs and the Silliman

Founder's Day 2006

Founder's Day Celebration - August, 2006

Full view of South Tree of Life. Note the acacia tree outside seeming to blend with the Tree of Life inside

Tree of Life and Interactive Screen July 18 Soft Launching and August 25 Formal Unveiling

July 18 soft launching and the August 25 unveiling of the  of the South and North Tree of Life  and Interactive Screen


Twin Portals Buildings

The Twin Portals Project:  "A Vision of the Future"


Acacia Silliman Association (MOKWV) Chapter

The view from the quad

Silliman University

Pictures of Silliman University campus

Sillimanians of Georgia Founder's Day Anual Picnic

Sillimanians & Friends of Georgia Chapter


SUAA Convention 1990

SUAA Convention in 1990, the first international convention of Sillimanians in North America. It was the forerunner of  what is now called Tipon Silliman.


Overseas Alumni (Australia)

Sillimanians in Australia