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Aces and Lilies Founder's Week invitation
To all Aces and Lilies: Greetings of brotherhood and sisterhood! The mother chapter is calling out to everyone to attend the Founder's Week Celebration which starts this August 21 and culminates...
Last Post: Aug 11th 2009
Author: redramos
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Dear Aces & Lilies,

Please e-mail your addresses to so I can send you the formal invite to our newly-created yahoo e-group. I know a lot of you are already US-based...
Last Post: Aug 11th 2009
Author: LEO
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Ventura Ventura Perez
Hi, everybody! My late father, VENTURA VENTURA PEREZ, was a graduate of pre-law way back in the late 40's. I intend to keep memories of his student life but I only found ONE picture of his with...
Last Post: Nov 18th 2008
Author: venturavperez
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Time for the RHOANS to reunite !!!
Alpha Rho Sigma Fraternity & Alpha Rho Epsilon Sorority

Planning to organize a Rhoan Reunion during the TIPON 09 in Orlando. Please join us. You can contact me at
Last Post: Oct 19th 2008
Author: glendajao
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Hello to all few Sillimanians
The next time you visit your alma mater, do drop by at the new portal west bldg and see whats inside.Especially the 3rd floor area and be amazed of what's in store for you there...
Last Post: Jun 12th 2008
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To all my SU friends
I am Jong-Yang KIM: I took BS Chem 1953-57. I wish to hear from International Students, Paul Hayashi, John Heine, and any of the student who was in SU from Korea.
Last Post: May 1st 2008
Author: jykim311
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Hello Everybody!!!
Just Wanna find out if the plan in Orlando this coming August is still on? Need some info.
Thank You very much....
Rosario Aseniero-Alfonso
Last Post: Feb 21st 2008
Author: marujita
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Hello from New Jersey
Anybody.. I am Elmylyn Estacion class SUHS'80.. I am residing in NJ. Please keep in touch ...classmates???Or RYC brods and sis? My e-mail ems_64@hotmail. Thanks
Last Post: Aug 5th 2007
Author: elmbem
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In Touch: SUHS Batch 67
Hi Intoy (aka Nathaniel Tan)
I was in San Diego (La Jolla area) yesterday with Tom and my sister-in-law. We (my sisters and Mom) will be back on May 18, Friday and will stay till Sunday....
Last Post: May 1st 2007
Author: Delfa
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SUHS Class '67
My sister, Delfa Estolloso-Matic will be in San Diego, May 19-21 and would like to meet some of her former classmates. Please call her at (626)3591031. Thanks!
Last Post: Apr 25th 2007
Author: hopecrisostomo
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TIPON 2007
Hello. I would like to get together with classmates form SUHS '61 and BS '65 who may be planning on being in Toronto for 2007.
Rose Mila Cipres-Jaucian
Last Post: Apr 14th 2007
Author: cipres
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Hello to all SU Alumni in the US. I am Rubie Better and I'm a graduate of SU last march 2003. I just want to contact my SU family and perhaps want to tell them that if they are planning to purchase...
Last Post: Jul 4th 2006
Author: rubie
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Where I retired to
Hello. After 28 years as a college professor and UCC minister in Massachusetts, I retired in sunny Florida in a town named Wesley Chapel. My wife Ruby (nee Ordinario) and I live in this home that we...
Last Post: Mar 23rd 2006
Author: Ed_Agnir
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