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Looking for lawyer
I am hoping that there will be a SU alumni who either is a lawyer or who knows one who can help us.

We have neighbors who have threatened our lives and are abusing their grandchild. we...
Last Post: Dec 18th 2012
Author: B
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Words of Appreciation
The Alumni in Alaska under the tireless and exemplary efforts of its leader, Betsy Engle, outdid themselves in hosting a truly memorable Tipon gathering in 2011. We couldn't thank you enough for...
Last Post: Jan 23rd 2012
Author: nelliesom
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ACTS (Association of Central Texas Sillimanians
Just to let all the Sillimanians know that our new Silliman Alumni Chapter (ACTS) has been organized and is now functioning.

List of Officers:

President ...
Last Post: Aug 7th 2008
Author: fsomera
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SANE officers update
Silliman Alumni of New England (SANE) elected officers for 2007-2009, President - Mr. Rene Tuballa, V-President - Mr. Stan Macasieb, Treasurer - Mrs. Fe Utzurrum Lyman, Secretary - Mrs.Rizalie Timajo...
Last Post: Jul 17th 2008
Author: levibertumen
# of posts: 2 (log on to the official website of the Weekly Sillimanian)
The 07-08 EIC here: Log on to get updated on the latest news going on in Silliman University. Updated weekly!
Last Post: Oct 29th 2007
Author: aodtohan
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An unemployed Sillimanian :-)
Hello Everybody! am Vincent O. Penpenia, Jr., BS Electrical Engineering '89. Am migrating to Canada around May this year. :-)
Last Post: Feb 9th 2007
Author: bookie
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Invest wisely in the Philippines
Hi to all Alumni. I am Rubie Cunanan Better and I graduated at SU last 2003. I am a licensed civil engineer and i'm into real estate selling at present because I want others, especially those who are...
Last Post: Jul 9th 2006
Author: rubie
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The Twin Portals Project
I don't know much of the details of this building, especially in terms of size and anticipated business. However, what is obviously absent is parking space. Parking along Silliman Ave or Hibbard Ave...
Last Post: Apr 27th 2006
Author: omonera
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