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Better Homes for all of Us
I am Engr. Rubie Cunanan Better of SU Eng'g. batch 2003. I just got married last Dec.2005 to a filipino american citizen Mr. jimmy Better but i preferred staying here in the Philippines for a certain reason which I just found out now.
Century Properties Inc. has a lot to offer for us. The company understands how hard we worked for the future of our family and we deserve something good. I am here to somewhat ask your opinion about this topic 'cause i believe that investing something here in the Philippines can help, not only our families, but can give more jobs to those filipinos who are trying their best everyday to look for jobs just to give something to their families, especially food, shelter and education for their children.
I also believe that if we consider on purchasing properties here in the Philippines, particularly here in Makati City, the business center here in the Philippines, we can be guaranteed that every penny we will invest will not only benefit us today and in the future to come, but also, we can help the millions of filipinos who are in great need of our help and support to just give them a lift to stand.
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