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Words of Appreciation
The Alumni in Alaska under the tireless and exemplary efforts of its leader, Betsy Engle, outdid themselves in hosting a truly memorable Tipon gathering in 2011. We couldn't thank you enough for your generous spirit; you gave of yourselves, especially the Engle family, the incomparable hospitality of a true Sillimanian. We, of the Association of Central Texas Sillimanians (ACTS)recognize that you are a tough bunch to follow------from the grand welcome to the grand picnic. Again, thank you Alaska Sillimanians!
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I pray you find peace with this. I'm Mrs. Christiana Price from Scotland, wife to late Sir. David Price an Ex-Chairman of T.O.C. London who died on air crash on a vacation to the Canary Islands, Spain Wednesday, 20 August, 2008.

Here is the proof:

We were married with no child and I decided not to remarry since I'm now old. When my husband was alive, he deposited $25.800.000.00 with a bank in malaysia which he intended to use for a charity project.

The bank wrote me a week ago to come and claim this money as the next of kin or give an authority letter to someone who can do it for me. I can't do this myself because I am presently in a hospital where I've been taking treatment for cancer of the lungs for the past four years.

My doctors have told me that I have only but few weeks to live that is why I decided to use this fund for charity work. I have no family who can do this for me, so
I decided to look for a sincere person or family who can use 80% of the fund to run the charity. As soon as you respond, I will write an authority letter to the bank to release the fund to you. I want you to promise me that you will use this fund exactly as I have said.

I await your urgent reply.

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