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Registered Nurse Widowed 2
My husband, ED, went to heaven only 6 months ago. The following quote is what I hope would ease my pain. "Grief is phy-sical. Bereavement is not only emotional-ly exhausting but physically exhausting as well. Releasing pain is not erasing memory. Gradually letting go of the pain allows time and space for more vivid and pleasant memories to surface & become a part of daily living" Rev. C. Meyer Send OPHELIA   [OPHE] a MessageSend OPHELIA [OPHE] a Message
Rose Marie Rose Marie Tornandizo (Pinto (Tomandizo))
Profile picture
Profile picture
Real Estate Broker Married 4th College 1987 Silliman University-Nevada Chapter
Hello! Its good to be a part of the Sillimanian community again.  I am from the 1987 batch of the College of Business Admin. major Accounting.

I will be attending the Silliman Tipon in Toronto in June 2007 this year.  Hope to see you soon.
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Poincare Alilaen Jr.
Manager, Clinical Operations 2 BSN 1988
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Rose Mila Cipres (Jaucian)
Neonatologist 4
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Matthew "Matt" McFarland
HS class 61 e-mail me Send Matthew "Matt" a MessageSend Matthew "Matt" a Message
caroline teves (angel)
housewife 1
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Rhodora Corton (Villena)
RN 3
SUES 1965 SUHS 1969 Bach Music 1974 Send Rhodora a MessageSend Rhodora a Message
elmylyn estacion (marcellus-mckenzie)
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medical secretary/student Single SUHS 1980 new jersey RYC
Please keep in touch..anybody from my class???
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Celan Alo
Medical Epidemiologist 2
HS 69 BS 74 Send Celan a MessageSend Celan a Message
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