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Hope Charmaine Medel (Serate)
December 03, 1958 Teaching Married 2 BS Math 1979 Alberta, Canada Chapter
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joy grace penpenia (bundaon)
August 23, 1967 government employee bachelor of business administration 1987 socsksargen

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Monica Evasco (Perez)
April 28, 1984 Registered Nurse Committed Relationship Bachelors of Science in Nursing 2005 Kutang-bato, SUCNA

Our campus beside the sea gave me the courage, confidence, and strength to sail through storms. Thank you Silliiman - ever lovely, ever dear! :) 

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Teresita Saldivar (Dagudag)
Profile picture
Profile picture
April 19, 1950 Farmer www.facebook,com/tette Married 3 AB; BBA Economics 1970; Nov 1972 Dumaguete Tau Lambda Sigma(Silliman Lilies Sorority) Women's Acappella Choir, Agusan Sillimanites, CYF
Hi, hello!

this is great!  We are now reachable in just a minute.  News update about Silliman and the alumni affair is so accessible! Let us welcome everyone!
God bless.
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Trinidad Diago (Dye)
February 07, 1958 Registered Nurse Married 2 BSN 1984 sUCNAA1
since this is quite a late registration,would like to attend Gala night on Saturday and outing on Sunday.
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Fidel Velez (Uy)
April 24, 1950 Engineering consultant, Nuclear Power Divorced 1 High School 1967 Florida (not officially affiliated 'coz of work travels) SUHS PMT Corps of Officers SUHS Green Knights Farternity SUHS Junior Aces
Wonderful to be among friends, graduates and distinguished alumni of our dear old Silliman. I have precious memories of my four years of high school during those Golden Years of Music in the mid-60's. Send Fidel a MessageSend Fidel a Message
Exuperia Dagpin (Merecido)
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April 26, 1960 RN - clinical instructor & ICU staff Married 3 Master of Arts in Nursing 1986 NY-NJ Silliman College of Nursing Alumni Association; Silliman Lilies Sorority
My sincere thanks to our alma mater for brushing me up since high school to my masteral. Living and growing up inside the campus was the most wonderful experience I ever had. Thought that was forever my paradise. My heartfelt gratitude to the college of nursing me for molding me to be a clinical instructor after graduation. Presently, it is my joy in my nursing profession to teach and be able to impart my knowledge and skills to the students, bringing all along with me the "trademark" trained by Silliman University College of Nursing. In return, I always do my best to uphold the high quality Christian education bestowed upon me.
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Marlene Siton (Siton-Thai)
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December 17, 1960 RN Married 2 MSN SUCN 1980 SUGAR SUCNAA
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Anabelle Cunanan (Locsin)
January 22, 1950 Director of Nursing Married 2 D.Ed. 1986 SUCN Alumni & Friends West Central Florida
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remove Barrera (remove)
June 24, 1966 remove BS 1988 SUAASC
Great site
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