Blessed with an incredibly rich flora and fauna, the Philippines is one of the 18 mega-diverse countries in the world.  Despite its small size, it contains two-thirds of the earth’s biodiversity, and many of the species found there are not found anywhere else. However, it is also one of the biodiversity hotspots in the world, with over 700 threatened species making it one of the top conservation priority areas.  The ecosystems that support this unique biodiversity are also greatly threatened by human activities. Additionally, there are increasing concerns with deforestation, global warming, sea level rise, and pollution of water bodies, coastal communities and recreational facilities.
            Recognizing all these, SUACONA created the Environmental Conservation and Sustainability Committee (ECSC) in November 2020, with the vision of helping Silliman in its projects that relate to environmental protection. The committee’s main objectives are:
  1. To create awareness among members of the Silliman community and friends on the importance of environmental sustainability in the Philippines.
  2. To help provide Silliman students, faculty, staff and researchers access to resources that include financial assistance, education and mentoring, and
  3. To collaborate with environmental organizations in addressing matters of mutual interest.
Funds raised from personal donations and fund-raising activities will be deposited under Silliman’s restricted “SUACONA Environmental Fund”.
If this concern is close to your heart and you’d like to participate in our activities or donate funds, please contact SUACONA’s Chair, Evangeline Manjares (emanjares2@gmail.com) or Louella Dolar, committee chairperson (Loudolar@gmail.com).
Committee Members: Moses Alcala, Dr. Lowell Taclob, Estrella Mercurio, Mola Dumalag, Nella Pineda, Faith Duran, Dr. Ellafe Kiamco-Cockroft, Jose Mari Jonathan Antonio, Laarni Gularek